Don’t put yourself in other’s shoes!

Every one of us has a different way of thinking and perception of various things in life. Maybe, the same things are going on around many persons, but the way of perceiving it will surely be different for each person. This perception is highly influenced by our experience, knowledge, beliefs, and observations.

We cannot experience the thing that others are doing, and it would be foolish to put yourself on other shoes which is a habit of most of us. We often want to put ourselves on someone else’s situation to feel that what they think and this leads us towards a down situation. Usually, the word “empathy” is used for this, but this is not true in actual.

Putting yourself on someone’s shoes always fill your mind with skewed ideas because of the varying level of consciousness in you and the other person.

• Experiences are always personal

As we have a different level of consciousness, so this determines our experiences and perceptions about things in life. Our experiences are personal, and we cannot live happily if we always try to keep ourselves in other places.

It would leave you just in the state of anxiety and stress while you cannot be able to concentrate on your own life as the consciousness state of everyone cannot be matched and not all the persons can live, think and perceive in the same way.

• You cannot understand everything from outside

The projections are based on consciousness, and you cannot understand everything just from the outside. When you perceive the other’s actions and state of mind, you do all this by the level of your consciousness because of which you cannot understand the real experience of the others because it is according to their level of knowledge, so it is just a waste of time to put yourself on others shoes because you cannot encounter the reality in this way as the impacts of different circumstances are always different on everyone.

It is not necessary that what you are assuming from the outside view is the reality or the same feeling of another person.

• You will become Depressed

Putting yourself in someone’s shoes will leave you in a state of despair and depression as you cannot think and feel about the blessings you have in life. If you see a beggar or any other person who is in trouble and start assuming yourself in his place, then you will suddenly feel a sense of despair.

Instead of getting into this situation, try to do something good for others who are in a problem as it may reduce their problems. This is not right to perceive the things negatively as you will lose all the charms and happiness of your own life and cannot do productive things in life because of the depressed feelings all the time.

• Believe in “Now”

Most of us see others in a difficult situation and start thinking about their future and become worried. You must learn to live in “NOW” instead of projecting into the future or past as it is of no use. Don’t perceive other circumstances with your level of consciousness and concentrate on the present, which is manageable.

Do not imagine yourself to be in the shoes of someone as every person has their reality, experiences and achievements so do not think before time and allow you to live in the fact and the moment instead of the so-called imaginations related to the future.

• Ask others about their situations

Instead of putting yourself on someone’s shoes, it is better to ask others about their problems or situations to understand. Posing direct questions allows you to understand the perspectives of others more accurately than imagining how they are feeling.

Maybe what you are watching and perceiving is not all the truth, and there is something behind which you get to know after asking about it. So, direct communication is better than assumptions to understand other’s situations.