Why is this Happening to Me?

Everyone goes through hardships sometimes. When we lose a relationship, when our work is at risk, when we get sick or feel terrible, what we ask ourselves is why is this happening to me. When something is going wrong, we might feel like the ones who have it worst, like every bad thing is suddenly happening to us. But is it the best approach?

When we feel like the world has turned against us, there are a few things that can help us change the mindset and the view of the situation.

First, remember that everything is temporary. Before you fall into despair, give the issue some time. Often, the situation will resolve itself soon or turn out to be a lot less awful than it seemed at first. Remind you that even a bad situation won’t last forever. You won’t always feel as bad as you do now.

Tomorrow, things will get better. If it doesn’t happen tomorrow, then it will happen the day after tomorrow or the day after that. But it will get better.

Put your current pain in perspective. Is your experience temporary? Is it something that might truly ruin your life? Is there something you can do to address it? Considering it on the grand scheme of things and also taking into account what you can do to ease your pain is likely to improve your current mood.

What you are experiencing now is only a small part of your life. Besides, you don’t know how it will turn out. A rough patch can lead you to the best experience of your life or teach you the exact lesson you need to move forward.

When you are climbing a mountain to enjoy the view on top, there will be rough stretches along the way. You will feel exhausted and sore. You might regret ever starting the trek in the first place. There will be spots where you will need to work extra hard. But once you reach the top, it will all be worth it.

Whenever you feel like it’s all bad, remember that this is an illusion. It’s just a rough spot on your journey. It won’t be like this forever. It will soon get better. Don’t get trapped in the mindset of defeat that suggests you have the worst luck.

Remind yourself that everything will improve soon and that you can face this new situation with all the tools and skills you have.