You Are The Observer: Realize The Power You Have Within

Observation and Detailing

Nowadays we see many things around us but we ignore the minute details in every element. And also we have stopped appreciating the beauty of detailing. We have been seeing great products with very clean detailing. A very piece of detail leads the product to the next level. It is not coincident that those are good designers who design is very detail way. It’s the observation that creates the difference.

Yes, you too can develop it!

Observation is a whole-brain skill. There are few things which are there in your nature, we call it talent which no one can teach you. Observation is nothing but a way of living life. Observation is all about giving equal importance to objects around us. Observation is all about feeling and appreciating things. Observation is a habit and a practice which can be learned, sharpened and improved. Here are a few simple ways to improve observation.

Experience New Things.

Experiencing new things! It will help you to improve observation by engaging your attention. Taking it further and consciously remembering to pay close attention to the details of the environment and experience will help enrich the experience, increase knowledge, and using your powers of observation is the best way to improve the skills involved.


Mindful Meditation is the act of clearing your mind to pay attention to the moment and the world around you. Sitting Meditation is the best way to begin, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. The idea isn’t to get lost in your thoughts or the world around you. Keep your focused attention on your breath while practising these things. Meditation enhances the Brain’s activity levels, similar to shifting a car into a higher gear. This means faster processing, better memory, focus, attention, etc. All skills that are important for observation.

Logic makes you sharp!

It is true that Logic and Observation are separate, but they blend perfectly. Practising Logic Puzzles, Rubik Cubes, Cryptograms, etc. will aid in honing your Powers of Logical Reasoning. Brain Games often offer Logic Exercises, helping to improve your own Logic. Through daily practice, the art of logic will become natural and easy for you. It will make you think for the logical reasoning behind every object and detailing.

Travel frequently!

Travel a lot! Travelling will open you to new things and experiences. It will allow you to think and think differently. You will be able to accept new experiences and changes. You will come across many new things which indeed will make you observe and think more.

Practice Memory Recollection.

Try and recall the day’s events after the night and think about them, you exercise four parts of your brain. That involves Memory, Working Memory, Reasoning, and Analyzing. Many of the same skills that are used when effectively observing. For further improvement, practise long-term memory once a week by picking either a date or event, then recall and think about as many details as possible. Try and remember the dream you saw last night. This exercises the same skills in a much more dramatic manner. Thinking about things in such a way also helps one to be able to extract more knowledge from their experiences, gain a more mature and rational perspective on the past. The same skills can be applied to forethought. Helping one to stay alert of what is happening in their lives and giving an idea of what is to come.

Learn Through Trial and Error.

Be fearless! This way of learning may increase time but it will surely make you practice logic at every point of the design. Do not afraid to do mistakes. Trial and error is the best method to incorporate observation and detailing in your Design.

Now you know the secret. Follow these very simple methods and feel the magic. So, whenever you see something new, give it a little time and appreciate the beauty. And always remember,

Go beyond seeing and start to observe.