Seven things you should Avoid Doing in the Morning

If you want to have a more productive morning, you will need to avoid unhealthy habits that many people fall into as they are getting ready. Setting yourself up for a successful day always starts with a successful morning, and some top things could negatively affect you for the rest of your day if you aren’t careful.

Here are the top seven things that you should never do in the morning if you want to have a more successful and productive day.

1. Not taking enough time to relax:
When you first wake up, it’s never a good idea to completely rush through your entire morning routine. Giving yourself enough time so you don’t have to go through a super scattered and hectic morning, will make sure that you can be more relaxed for the rest of the day.

The morning routine that gives you some time to relax can put you at ease for the early part of your workday. When you feel stressed and have a routine that makes you rush around at home, you may feel like you have very little time to yourself.

2. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning:
One of the first things that you should do after waking up from a night of rest is to grab a glass of water. We can often be quite dehydrated in the mornings, and having a glass of water first thing can make sure that we can start to hydrate as soon as we wake up.

As feeling hydrated can give you an excellent amount of energy, drinking water first thing in the morning could be more energizing than your first coffee cup. Many people start their day with a big cup of coffee, and this could actually work to dehydrate them. Rather than getting yourself instantly dehydrated and feeling like you are going to have a caffeine crash, it would help if you always considered hydrating yourself first.

3. Getting lost in social media:
Spending time on your phone first thing in the morning can leave you lingering in bed, and this can often leave you with little time to get ready. It’s easy to get lost on social media and spend the early part of your day following news articles and content online.

Getting lost on social media is not a productive start to your morning to help you get energized. Leaving a bit of extra time for yourself to make a nutritious lunch, go for a quick jog, or have a more scenic commute can be a better option.

4. Snoozing:
Pressing the snooze button may inadvertently set you up for a rough morning. If you’re the type of person who regularly snoozes, you might find yourself feeling much more tired throughout the middle part of your morning or as you get up.

Make sure you are dedicating enough time to your sleep, and if you are finding it difficult to sleep well, adjust your environment so that you can follow sleep better, and stay asleep. Snoozing in the morning will not provide you with the same restful experience that you will get from a full night sleep and then getting yourself out of bed.

Spending your time lingering in bed will only make you feel much groggier for the rest of the day.

5. Not making your bed:
If you abstain from making your bed, you could be making things more difficult for yourself later on. Your surroundings have a significant influence on you. If everything around you is messy and disorganized, then your mind will be disturbed too.

An added advantage of making your bed in the morning is that when you return back after a tiring day you will have one less thing to worry about and your bed will be well made and perfectly ready for rest.

6. Eating a sugary breakfast:
Choosing to eat a sugary breakfast will often set you up for a poor experience later on in the day. Your body uses up sugar energy quickly, and you will soon start feeling inactive and hungry.

It could be wiser to choose a breakfast that can stay with you longer to avoid hunger cravings and something that will stop you from experiencing problems with a sugar crash later on as well.

7. Skipping physical activity:
Many people that go to the gym and stay active choose to fit their active time into the morning. Choosing to workout in the morning can often be beneficial for boosting your energy levels throughout the day.

A quick morning jog or lifting session can help you make sure that you can enjoy less of a mid-day crash and a better experience with your sleep as well.

These are just a few of the top ways you can better prepare yourself in the morning. By breaking some of these poor habits, you can make sure that the process of your daily activity can be heightened for the future.