6 C’s We Should Never Miss

What keeps people active and happy is engaging our minds and abilities to their fullest extent. By utilizing the basic functions of the brain, we can become happier and healthier as a result. An important part of the process is eating a healthy diet, engaging in exercise, and keeping fit and trim.

There are six C’s that everyone should engage as part of their overall health and well-being to be truly happy. What follows are the six C’s that you can perform at your job or home when you engage in hobbies or activities that interest you.


Being creative engages our brains in a manner that keeps them open to new information. This means that when you learn something new, try a different approach to solve a problem, or figure out a puzzle or riddle, you are adding new connections inside your brain.

By challenging your brain through creativity, you can keep learning new things. This in turn is what keeps you feeling young. When people settle for less and do not engage in creative activities that causes people to feel older, they experience more stress and less happiness.

So, find an activity that causes you to be creative. From filling out crossword puzzles to Using your non-dominant hand to do day to day activity can boost your creativity. Your creativity is an essential part of who you are.

Critical Thinking

This is the type of thinking that lets us understand questions, situations, and events. It means that when you are faced with a new situation, you can engage your critical thinking skills to understand what is going on. If you have ever met people who cannot fully grasp an event or situation, even after a complete explanation, that is an example of a lack of critical thinking.

Like any skill, you will have to regularly engage your critical thinking to keep it active and alert. This means exposing yourself to new information, engaging with new situations, and keeping the attitude that new things are always on the horizon.

Cognitive Thinking

Some people mistake critical thinking for cognitive thinking. And while the two are similar, there is an important difference. While critical thinking lets us engage and think about the presented information, cognitive thinking is the ability to problem-solve and allow us to answer the question.

Again, the differences are subtle, but important. You need to work on your problem-solving skills, which is part of cognitive thinking. This means putting yourself in hypothetical situations and creating a plan to get out of them.


Consistency is one of the more underappreciated traits that humans have, but it is also one of the most important. By establishing a consistent approach to your life, work, and other endeavors, you can build yourself up over time.

The old saying that “consistency and persistence will solve the problems of humanity” applies to the issues that you are facing in your life. Many problems do not have instant solutions. Many goals take a long time to achieve. By being consistent and persistent, you will reach your destination.


Effective communication is an essential skill in your job and in your life. Effectively communicating your ideas in a clear, concise manner not only helps you get your message across but also helps others understand what you are saying and feeling. Improving your language skills and communicating effectively will have a powerful, positive influence on your life.
“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”


Stay calm and you will not only react better, you will reduce the amount of stress and anxiety that you are feeling. Being calm means assessing a new situation first before responding. It means listening to another person instead of becoming anxious and responding.

Being calm takes patients and work, but it can be done, and the results will alter your life for the better.

The six C’s will help you in your everyday life. Be sure to challenge yourself either at work, home or both so you can lead a happy, healthy lifestyle.