One For The Kitchen, One For the Soul (Bring Balance in Life)

Within all of us, there are two selves, One for the Kitchen and one for the soul.

One of your selves is artistic; it’s the dreamer, the one who follows the voice of your heart and your passions. It’s the one we might aspire to be, to feel happier.

The other one is more serious and focused. It’s the self who knows that there are bills to be paid and food to be put on the table. It’s the one who acknowledges our responsibilities.

So, Which self is right and which is wrong? Which self should we nurture?

The answer is, of course, that both bring something incredibly valuable to the whole that is us. Neither can be ignored without consequences.

If we let the responsible part take control, then we will never have any fun. Our life might become dull, and it gets easier to lose sight of our dreams. We can’t live happily by suppressing our passion.

If we let the dreamer take the lead, then we will follow our dreams but might get lost in immediate problems. We might get in trouble or in debt, making life a bit harder than it needs to be.

“You will never feel truly satisfied with work until you are satisfied by life.”

Finding the perfect balance between the two is what will help us live a happy life. It will allow us to pursue our dreams, but also to take care of everyday stuff and the problems that are currently affecting us.

So, What needs to be done? What needs solving? These are questions to evoke the responsible side. Now, ask your dreamer side what you want and what dream is inspiring you at the moment.

It will take time to find your balance. Some people are more used to being serious and responsible, while others are more used to being easy-going and spontaneous.

Challenge yourself to do the things that you usually don’t do and see how much better your life becomes when you balance these elements out.

Always remember – “There is no such thing as work-life balance – it is all life. The balance has to be within you.”