6 Undeniable facts about life

Today, we always hear advice about how to live. It comes from blogs and vlogs, from experts and non-experts, and from all the media we consume. However, this torrent of advice and tips can make us forget about the truly important things in our lives. But here are 6 undeniable truths to always remember.

1. Money doesn’t matter without health

Earning a lot is useful and valuable. It provides you with many opportunities. However, losing sight of your health in pursuit of money is really not worth it. You can get as much as you want, but health can’t always be fixed through financial investments. Some illnesses stay with us forever and impact our health and well-being continuously.

Health is the 1 thing in our life, so even if we add a lot of zeroes to it, it won’t matter. 100, ultimately, is better than 0000. This means that our pursuit of money and financial stability needs to take into account our health and make it a priority. Health is irreplaceable, laying the foundation for a good life.

2. Happiness is a choice

We often think that if we had a bit more, we would be happier. We will be happy with the new car, the new house, or a fancier job title. But happiness is not really bound to the achievements we have and the things that we buy. Having a bigger house won’t necessarily make you happier – it might make you want an even bigger house.

However, this means that you can be happy with whatever you have right now. You don’t need to condition a good life to have specific things or achieve specific milestones. You can simply choose to be happy here and now, no matter what you have or what you lack.

3. You can’t please everyone

You can try to please everyone, but even with the best efforts and a lot of hard work, someone will always be there to complain, judge, or criticize. Pleasing everyone is impossible, simply because we can’t control what others feel and think and how they choose to approach what we offer.

The absolute best work can be dismissed as awful if the person wants to do so. This means that trying to make everyone happy all the time is not a particularly good use of our energy. Instead, we should focus on what we truly want to do and do it in the best way we know. After all, if someone is going to criticize us either way, why not make the process easier?

4. Someone will always be better than you

There is a lot of value in learning and improving yourself continuously. The more value you have to offer, the better your work will be. However, a bad way to go about it is to set the bar too high and expect that you can become the best at what you do and what you are, especially if you use this goal as the main measure of your success. There is always likely to be someone better than you – and that doesn’t really matter.

You should be happy with what you have and grow the skills you want to improve for yourself, not to measure up to someone else. This idea can sound very discouraging, but accepting it can liberate us from a constant race that we can never win.

5. People show their true colors in adversity

When we are on top of the world, others are likely to treat us accordingly. They will be good to us because it’s convenient.

However, when we are faced with adversity and lose the money and power we had or show vulnerability in other ways, others might begin to show their true colors. This doesn’t mean that all will suddenly turn out to be bad people, as many are likely to show how good and kind they truly are, but it is useful to remember that some of the people we trust can prove to be all-weather friends. Adversity is likely to show us who is truly on our side and who can we trust going forward.

6. You will always look for more

There is nothing that will truly satisfy us forever. You won’t always be happy with that new fancy job or buying expensive things. That’s just how it is – that’s how people are made. This means that there will always be something new to achieve and pursue, but this doesn’t mean it will make you less happy.

It just means that there is no ultimate goal that will leave you forever content. Expect to find more new goals and more new desires as you move through life.