Are You Scared of Something?

What are you scared of? We are all afraid of something. This fear often hides something behind it, a deeper concern. Are you afraid of public speaking? Perhaps you fear being mocked, laughed at, and rejected.

Are you afraid of being vulnerable and speaking your truth? Perhaps you fear that others will not understand you and leave you feeling upset or angry.

Maybe you are scared of sharing your idea, proposal, or opinion? It could backfire or have unintended consequences.

We all have fears like these, fears that we have to face every day. Even the most confident person can have a secret fear. The difference is that some people face these fears and don’t let them hold their potential back.

We need to acknowledge our fears first. What do we fear? It might feel silly or strange or shameful to accept it, but it is a necessary first step.

Consider also the underlying fear. Public speaking, in a vacuum, is not frightening. It scares us because it makes us worry about how others will perceive us, whether they will act in a way that harms us or turns it against us.

Confront your true fear and speak it out loud. This is the first step to facing it.

Overcoming your fear is never easy, especially because it often means having to deal with it and take direct, actionable steps that will help you move past it.

The first step can be as small as you like, but it must be there. Without action, the fear will continue to influence your life. Do not accept that this is the way things are.

With small steps, you can walk a long path. You can move past your fear and take new opportunities that will take you to new places.

We all have fears. We all have the ability to overcome them if we try. We do not have to accept our fears and let them rule us. Small steps will take you where you want to go.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

So, what are you afraid of? What is that first step that you can take today and then tomorrow?

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