Are you too ashamed of something that you can laugh about now?

The way we see things at the moment is different from the way we see it when time has passed. You surely can think back to situations that made you feel shame or anger, and that now feel more like funny anecdotes to remember.

This type of perspective can be very useful to take when we are overwhelmed. Things can appear massive in our heads and minds, but when we go back to them from the future, they seem small and insignificant.

You might be making things to be bigger than they are. Will you still fret about this issue a week from now? A year? Five years?

Keeping this in mind can help you keep a cool head even when you are feeling upset or worried. This allows you to see the bigger picture.

Focus on the idea that everything is temporary. The situation you are in now, you will not be in this situation forever. The good and the bad things end. Once they end, we can take perspective and see it in a different way. But we can also apply this thinking as a situation is happening.

You can surely think of past situations that cause you embarrassment now, for how you reacted or how big they seemed. This means that you have grown past them. But you can often try to use this experience and apply it to what is happening now.

Not every situation will turn out to be small, of course, but many will. A good tip is to consider whether you will still be thinking about it and worrying about it when you are older. If not, what is the point of worrying about it now?

When you remember that things are temporary, it is easier to weather them. It is also easier to face a situation when we don’t build it up in our heads. Let it happen as it will save your energy for other things.

Allow yourself to care less about the least important things and focus on what matters. Learn to take a look at the bigger picture and examine everything as a situation that will pass.

No matter how difficult, things will not remain as they are. On one hand, this means we need to appreciate them while they happen. On the other, it frees us from worrying in excess.