Creativity and boredom

Nobody likes to feel bored. It is a deeply unpleasant experience. Today, we can do a lot of things to always avoid boredom through our games, music, phones, social media, and more. But is it such a good thing? It turns out that never being bored can actually hurt our creativity, while controlled boredom can be the best stimulation our mind needs.

We all need to be creative. Not only it is satisfying, but also very important for our personal and professional lives. Still, we might often face a creative block. It’s something that not only artists have to deal with on a regular basis. We can feel like there is just no way to solve a problem or fix a situation. Here is where boredom comes in.

Being bored for a while is good for the brain and is proven to stimulate our creativity. When we are always entertained, the mind takes the path of least resistance. But if there is no easy source of fun, our brains kick into gear and start working better.

You don’t have to torture yourself with boredom for a long time for this to work. Take a walk without your phone or sit down and just be there, not doing anything. Putting away your smart devices is hugely important, as they are full of distractions and can provide an easier way for your brain to get engaged and have fun. We will usually choose instant gratification over the tribulations of a creative process, even if it will be ultimately more satisfying and valuable.

We can’t stand being bored for long. Just a little sample of this emotion is good to get the juices flowing, but too much might leave us frustrated. Let your mind drift and look for something to do.

Another important aspect related to boredom is giving ourselves time. We should not try to perform creatively under a lot of stress and time constraints, at least, not all the time. Relaxation can also promote creativity, because it’s easier to innovate when our ideas have time to grow and mature.

Remember that boredom and relaxation can help you do better and achieve more interesting results. Give yourself time to create good conditions to achieve whatever you want, including the time to be bored and the opportunity to work at a slower pace. This will nurture your creative process and help you come up with amazing solutions.