These investments will give you high returns

There are many articles that guide you through investments in the financial sense. But there are other investments you need to make in order to ensure a solid future. Here are the key things you need to focus your time, money, and energy on to guarantee that you will build a good foundation for the rest of your life.

Physical health

There is nothing more important than your health. You should try to focus on preventing the things that can be prevented and addressing health issues as they crop up.

This means all the basics, like exercising, watching your nutrition, sleeping well, drinking enough water. But it also means being willing to go to regular check-ups, not letting health issues continue or pile up, watch what medications you are taking and whether you need to change them. Physical health can be essential to allow you to do whatever you want in life, so we need to watch it carefully.

Emotional health

Our psychological and emotional well-being can be as important as physical health. We need to also work on prevention of future problems and take care of things that begin to crop up.

In regards to emotional health, solutions might not be as clear and well-known, but there are many different practices that are proven to help us feel better and impact depression, anxiety, and other common issues in positive way. You can establish a morning routine that involves easy practices like meditation or reading. You can learn to manage your emotions and express them in a healthy way. You can do a lot of things to make your mental health significantly more resilient.

Relationships and networking

Nobody succeeds as a lone wolf. We all rely on other people to help us find new opportunities, to support us, to help us when we need it. Loneliness is very bad for our health, but beyond this, we need a network to help us grow professionally and as individuals.

You can find that investing time and genuine effort into building relationships can pay off in unexpected ways. People can help you just be being a part of your life, but often their support and help is invaluable. Look for people who fit with you, who you like. Learn social skills as well as hard skills. This will be an important aspect of your well-being. It doesn’t take much to strike a conversation, to be nice, to learn a little about the people around you.

Personal time

But not everything is about other people. You also need to invest time in yourself. There should be opportunities to get to know what you want, to discover new things about yourself, to plan for your future, and to just give enough time to improve who you are as a person and as a professional.

You will never regret giving yourself the time to rest, grow, and nurture who you are. Plan some opportunities for solitude, reflection, and growth, and just some time to spend with yourself.


You should always be learning. New skills, new knowledge, new things! They don’t have to all be professional skills either, though this can help you improve your career, but also simply new ideas you are interested in, that challenge you, that expand your horizons.

You should take the time to read books, take classes, or watch tutorials, not to mention just to practice whatever you want to learn. Make it a big part of your life, and you will never be bored or feel that you are stuck. Lifelong learning is a path to excellence but also a part of well-being. You will not regret investing in skills and abilities and learning new things, whatever these might be.

The things that you love

Often, we limit ourselves in spending on our hobbies and passions. While it’s wise to keep this type of investment under control and not let it hurt other aspects of our lives, it still is important to be able to spend time, effort, and money on what we love.

If you love hiking, get the right gear. If you adore video games, don’t fear buying that new release that has you excited. A big part of our happiness lies in being able to do what we love, even if it’s things that other people don’t understand or don’t value. Give yourself permission to invest into what you love.