Cultivating a Mindset that helps you let go of limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are all these ideas that we have been taught that hold us back. They come from our family, our culture, our society, or our own inner doubt. But if we let ourselves stick to these beliefs, then we might have a hard time getting to our goals. Here’s your ultimate guide to building a mindset that helps you let go of these beliefs and develop more constructive ways of thinking.

You have unlimited potential, if you are willing to put in the work

You can do anything. Sure, you might face specific limitations, like not being able to get the central role in a ballet or become an astronaut, but it doesn’t mean you can’t come closer to your dream. You can still do ballet or work in something related to space. Within these realistic boundaries, you can do what you set your mind to it and, most importantly, what you work hard at.

If you want to be better at drawing, practice drawing. Don’t worry about not being naturally talented. It’s all practice, either way. Your potential does not have as many limitations as you expect. As long as you are willing to put in the work, you can get anywhere.

Focus on yourself, not on others

Limiting beliefs keep us trapped in the past. We might still be nursing grudges from when we were children or plotting revenge for that first boss who didn’t treat us right. It’s not helpful to focus so much on others. While revenge and payback can seem satisfying, devoting ourselves to the pursuit of harm for other people is unlikely to get us good results. The same is true of a life lived to spite our parents or challenge the negative ideas others have about us.

Instead, a useful idea is to focus on building yourself. Develop what you want to develop: on a personal level, a professional one, a relational, and so on. Boost the skills you want to have and have new experiences. Let go of the past and of other people. They can’t matter as much to you as you do. People show weakness when they pursue revenge or payback. Strong people build their own happy lives.

Once you start, things seem easier

You have probably experienced this yourself. There must have been a task that you procrastinated forever and that was super easy and quick to actually do. Many things are like that. Before you begin, you tend to see things negatively. They appear difficult, large, impossible.

However, when you begin, things magically seem much easier, more manageable. Give yourself the chance to start even if the task ahead feels insurmountable. But if you just begin, it will often turn out to be a lot simpler than at first glance.

If you struggle, it will make you stronger, no matter the result

Sometimes, things are hard. Often, we face failure in matters that are important to us. However, something important to consider is that none of our effort is ever wasted. What we do, matters.

You might have struggled so hard and failed to achieve the goal. It’s OK to feel down. But, ultimately, even if the result is not there, the effort still led to something. It taught you to be stronger, to be smarter, to avoid specific mistakes. It made you better in some way.

You are allowed to be a work in progress

You don’t have to have it all figured out. Even as an adult, you don’t have to have your ducks in a row. Allow yourself to be a work in progress, because that’s all we always are. It’s fine to still have things to learn, things to improve, things to develop.

You are never done becoming yourself. It means that you are always allowed to make mistakes and make changes. You can always reach new heights and do much better. Improvement is always possible, and it’s a great thing! You are never trapped by your mistakes and can pursue being more than who you are now.

Remember these ideas and challenge those limiting beliefs that might be harming you. Instead, develop a mindset that is focused on growth, compassion, and constant improvement that comes from a place of love, not of disappointment.