Do you feel like You’re Existentially Small as compared to the size of the Universe?

<b>Some days, we might feel insignificant, like the world is just too big for us. Other days, you might feel like everything is about you. </b>People can shift between these extremes, but sometimes, we get stuck in one of them. How do you feel? Does it work well for you?

Both extremes have their upsides and their downsides. When you feel small and meaningless, it can be very anxiety-inducing, frightening. But it also helps you feel like you’re not really in control. What happens, happens, and you don’t have to really do anything about it.

When you feel like the center of the universe, you can feel powerful and important. It helps your confidence soar; you might take a lot of risks. But when you feel so important, it also can seem like everything depends on you and that there is a lot of weight on each of your actions and choices.

Neither extreme is the best place to stay for long. The emotions can grow to be excessive. It’s important to find a way to find a place of balance and avoid going too far when thinking about who you are and your place in the universe. 

You can remind yourself that you are like other people, for better or worse. You have similar experiences and similar emotions, and your place in the world is not higher or lower than those of other people.

Focus on your existence here and now. When the thoughts of the future, of meaning, of purpose become overwhelming, allow yourself to just be at the moment. Focus on your sensations and your experiences as they occur. Enjoy what can be enjoyed. Pay attention to how you feel now and what is happening around you and within you.

We all think about existential questions, and it’s important to find a way that works for us to cope with these ideas. For many people, the answer lies in religion, in their relationships, in their work, in their legacy. There is no right or wrong answer, instead, there is just what works for you at the moment. 

<b>Everyone has to find a way to live their lives and grapple with the questions of meaning, of having a specific place in the universe, and so on. Focus on your present to feel grounded and discover the best way for you to answer these existential dilemmas.</b>