Do you get angry over little things?

Anger is a very important emotion. It is a feeling that helps us see and recognize that something is wrong. It inspires us to fight and defend ourselves and others. However, anger that appears too often can wear us out and also hurt our relationships to other people. Let’s identify whether you get angry over small things and how to get rid of this issue.

The key question to distinguish between healthy anger and unhealthy anger is whether you get upset and mad over small things that are not worth it. For example, do you feel upset if a waiter gets your order wrong? You might ask for them to change it without too much emotion, however, some people in that case get really angry.

There are things that are worth being angry over, like being hurt or treated unfairly. But often we get too angry when the situation does not merit it. We might become angry over traffic or other people’s mistakes, small ones, and similar issues. In reality, this type of anger has many negative effects. It wears you out and creates additional stress for yourself and other people. It also can have others see you as irrational and avoid dealing with you, even if it just happens once or twice. Your emotional well-being gets negatively affected by this issue.

But what can you do if you find this problem within your life? It’s not always easy to let go of anger because things that seem small in hindsight can feel huge at the moment.

The first step is to avoid blowing up on other people. You might feel a lot of anger, but avoid getting angry at others. Especially, stop yourself from yelling, insulting, or acting in a manner that might hurt other people. This will not only improve your reputation but will also reduce the amount of anger you feel. It is proven that showing your rage without trying to control it makes you even madder.

The second step is to find ways to reframe the situation. Ask yourself if you will remember the situation tomorrow or in a month. Will it be worth it to get angry? Is it something that will have an impact on your life?

If you see that it is not, focus on reducing your anger. Breathe slowly, take a moment. Write down what you are feeling. Do something that makes you laugh or smile or relax, even if it’s just watching a funny animal video. All of this will help you keep your anger in check. The more you practice this, the less anger you will feel in future situations.