Do you Resist what your heart wants to do?

Many people don’t know what they want, and that’s a problem. But there is a more insidious one. Many people know what they want and yet they do not allow themselves to pursue it. They resist it, even though it is what their heart desires? Why does this happen?

We might resist what we want because we have been taught to think it’s a bad thing. It’s greedy to want more money. It’s irresponsible to want fewer tasks or a less difficult job. It’s wrong to want to pursue a dream.

 We need to ask ourselves as adults whether this thing is truly bad. Is it something that can hurt you or others? Often, we will find that wanting what we want is not actually bad, more specifically, it is not harmful. Instead, it has possibilities and positive opportunities. 

Another reason is the feeling that we missed the train. It’s too late to want that. We’re too old or it’s no longer possible. But often, this also proves to be false. We might not be able to pursue a dream full-time, but we can still make it part of our lives. For example, if you always dreamed of being a dancer, you might not be able to go professional, but you can still take lessons. Make your dream a part of your life.

Another reason is that we worry what others will think. What will our families or friends say if we try something bold or different, something so unlike the way we usually are? It can be a scary idea.

However, if we let other people determine what we do, we will be limiting ourselves too much. Ultimately, other people will not live your life or have to deal with the consequences of your choices. If you give up on your dream, you will be the only one who ends up regretting it.

Sometimes, they might be real obstacles to pursuing a dream, like a lack of money, a lot of other responsibilities, or real limitations. However, you might look for ways to bring that dream closer.

 Make it a hobby or a leisure activity. Give yourself the chance to take a class or buy a material or do anything else that helps you feel like this part of you is being explored, acknowledged, and respected.

 If you stop resisting what your heart wants, you can find a lot of amazing opportunities at your doorstep. At least, you are sure to discover a lot of wonderful things, meet new people, and feel happier and more fulfilled.

“The day we stop resisting our instincts, we will have learned how to live ”