Don’t Go Broke Just to Look Rich

Having expensive things can be nice. But it’s especially great when you can afford them too. Many people feel that by having expensive things they show others that they have status and might have debts just to get these material things. But it’s not worth it.

Today, many people are more worried about appearances than their health or their financial well-being. They want to appear rather than be. It’s the people who rent an expensive car or hotel to have it appear in their Instagram photos. It’s those who max out their cards to get a brand they can’t really afford.

People think this makes them seem better. But even if it does, the results are only skin-deep. They can never be authentic.

Trying to fit in by going broke is not the best idea. First, it means you are being irresponsible with your money and might not afford things that you need. You can also hurt your reputation with other people if they realize what’s going on. It also can be a detriment to your mental health.

When you use these tactics to fit in or appear a certain way, you know that it’s not authentic. It can make you feel like an impostor. That’s not the best feeling, as it drains your energy, makes you anxious. You always feel as if others might catch you on a lie or on an omission. That hurts your peace of mind.

But the whole idea to do this is also based on an illusion. You don’t belong somewhere for the things you have. You belong for who you are and what others are. Things can’t change that and can’t make you truly belong.

For all of this, it’s a better investment of your money and effort to build yourself up. Invest in skills and knowledge. Become more sociable, more interesting, and more authentic too. Buy things that you need and that you like, that reflect who you are. These will look better and feel more genuine.

Give yourself the chance to belong as who you are, not as who you pretend to be. This is the key to lifelong connections, a strong sense of belonging, and other benefits. It will bring you peace of mind to know you can be accepted as you are.