Dreams Keeps Your Life Fun

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.– Eleanor Roosevelt

What do you dream about? Do you still have dreams? Or have they been left behind in that endless race we are all running?

When we are kids, we all have dreams. As we age, we might abandon some of them, but a big and, unfortunately, common mistake is leaving them behind. As adults, we don’t stop needing our dreams. We might need them even more than before.

Life can be disappointing just as often as it can be amazing. It’s important to remember the dreams we used to have for several reasons. What is their purpose?

Dreams are like a compass. They point is in the right direction, towards that true north that aligns with our values and our essence. Dreams keep us feeling hopeful, optimistic, especially when things get hard. And dreams make life a little more fun.

If you allow your routine to fully consume you and focus only on daily tasks, you might live a practical existence. However, being practical is often not enough. It keeps you too grounded when a part of you still wants to fly.

Sure, not all dreams come true. Some do, but in a different way to the one we imagined. However, the act of having dreams and choosing to keep them around adds a special ingredient to life. Even if have an impossible dream, it can add something powerful to our daily life. It makes it feel like more than what’s happening.

Ask yourself what did you use to dream about. Are those dreams still a part of your life? Some of them might have been left behind, and that’s OK. Others might have changed. That’s also fine. However, ask yourself if you allow yourself to dream.

Some people worry that dreaming takes them too far away from reality. But dreams help us keep it in perspective. It reminds us that there is something greater to aspire to.

Allow yourself to dream and let these dreams bring more color to your daily life. Just being a bit of a dreamer can make your life more fun and more open to new experiences, to risks, and to choices that are a bit bolder, that take your potential to new heights. Give your dreams a chance.