How Important is General Awareness?

I believe it’s strikingly important to remember that when you know better, you can do better. With higher levels of awareness, you can make smarter choices. And the more clarity you get as to who you want to become, the quicker you can start making the choices need to get you there. – Robin S. Sharma

Many people today are highly specialized and know a lot about their specific field or set of interests. But often we let general awareness slip us by. We might believe the first thing we read online if we don’t have a clear idea about many things in the world, and our general awareness can protect us against a variety of issues. Let’s take a look at how it helps us.

We can understand general awareness as a two-fold concept. First, it refers to the general sense we have of the world: how it works, what is going on out there, near us and far away, and more. Secondly, it refers to the sense we have of who we are, what we want, where we are going, and also what we understand to be true about ourselves. In general, it means that we know who we are and have an idea about the world around us.

It’s easy enough to understand why we should be more aware of ourselves. It provides a path for growth and true understanding of what we want and where we should go. But awareness of the world sometimes gets neglected, and yet becoming more aware of it can help us cultivate better values and make ourselves much stronger.

The better we understand the world around us, the more empowered we are to make good decisions. We can avoid problems and make the optimal choices for our health, well-being, and future. Knowing more about our country and community politics can allow us to make predictions and decisions, while understanding how our bodies work gives us the chance to promote health.

Nobody knows everything, and that is fine. But knowing more is always better than knowing less. This can translate into a commitment for lifelong learning. It’s useful to pursue your particular interests, however, you might also consider looking into topics you don’t know that much about to get a general sense of how they work.

Learn about topics that affect you and your life: money, health, politics, psychology, and beyond. You might find yourself surprised by all the possibilities that open up when you cultivate greater general awareness.