How Passionate Are You To Follow Your True Calling?

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. – Nelson Mandela

We all have potential to become something amazing, and usually that potential can reach its full expression when we are pursuing a calling that feels right for us. When we combine our passion for a field with the dedication to follow it, we become unstoppable. So let’s discover how passionate you feel for following your calling.

You have a strong interest that has persisted over time

You know what you are interested in. Your passion is likely tied to this strong interest. What always draws your attention? What events, things, ideas inspire you to learn more, to attend, to do? It’s very important to recognize and follow your interests and see how they can bring you closer to your passion.

Remember also the things that you were especially interested in as a child or as a teen can serve as signposts that point to your true calling. Focus on your interests and take the time to explore what captures your attention and keeps you motivated and engaged. Your interest and sense of curiosity can bring out your genuine passion.

You take daily action

A sign that you are passionate and pursuing your calling is that you take regular action. You might take daily steps or have daily practices that bring you closer to your ultimate goal or dedicate some time if not every day, but most days to what interests you.

You might not be able to do something every day, but if you find yourself reading related articles, exploring, learning, or even watching videos or listening to podcasts tied to the topic, it also is a sign of your passion. It’s something that is almost always present in your life, in one way or another. And if your calling is not present in your life, you might want to include it more and more; find ways to make it an element of your routine in different ways.

You connect with others

Networking is a way of pursuing your passion. You don’t have to connect with others for the sake of getting a job or selling your skills, although that is a big part of it. You can also find people who share your same interests and speak your language to be able to make your passion burn brighter, fanned by the flames of other people’s own joy and interest.
Sharing your passion is an amazing feeling, and you can find communities online and in-person to share your interests. Whether it’s a professional or hobbyist community, you will live your passion much more deeply when you get to share it with other people. Connect with those who share your interests.

You make plans

A clear goal for the future is an important thing to have. If you have a passion, you should also consider whether you have goals related to this passion. These could be professional objectives, like moving to a related field, or goals like visiting certain places or having certain experiences.

Set a goal for yourself that inspires more passion within you. Set a goal that can motivate you but also serve as a compass to achieve something special in the future by directing your actions in a specific way now. Be ambitious and have fun with your goals, make them something that truly inspires you!

You keep dreaming

A sign of your true calling is that you never stop dreaming about it or thinking about it. It might fall by the wayside for a while because of other commitments, but it’s something you come back to again and again.

If you find yourself full of dreams about your passion, then it’s likely your calling and it’s worth pursuing. Dreams might not seem as important, but they are the fuel that keeps you going and inspires you to try something that might be risky or huge, to take on new projects and to develop your creative potential. Consider your dreams and allow yourself to explore what you might become in the future.