How to feel fulfilled with your life

Everyone faces ups and downs in their life. No person in this entire world has always had to face sunshine and rainbows and never had to deal with the obstacles that life throws at you.

Life is a rollercoaster, sometimes you go up and feel happy and energetic, but there are times when you will also have to do down and feel low. This is what life is. Life has both happy and sad moments in store for you, and you have to face them strongly.

“Happiness is a state of inner fulfilment.”

Understand that life isn’t easy always

It is essential to know that life isn’t easy all the time. Most of the times you will have to go through a series of lows, defeats, and failures after which you will finally be able to enjoy the high points of your life. The point of all this is that, you won’t have good experiences every time there will be numerous moments in your life when things won’t be going well in your life as you had planned.

In such times people tend to fall in depression or get anxiety and stress, and start to feel like a failure. They start thinking that life has always been this bad and don’t feel satisfied with their life. If you are at that low point of your life when you recently had faced a failure, then you must be feeling completely done and unhappy with everything in your life.

If you are wondering about how to feel fulfilled with your life again, then here are a few tips that can help you in doing so.

1. Don’t let your failures define you

In these times it is completely natural for you to feel unfulfilled, but having such negative thoughts will do you no good, and you will end up falling deeper into the trap of failures instead of growing and feeling happy. If you want to grow in your life and be successful, then you need to feel fulfilled with your life.

There are millions of people in this world who faced failures so many times, but they didn’t let those failures define them and pushed those negative thoughts aside to move towards the path of success. Don’t you want to be successful in your life too? I am sure that you do.

2. Try to think about positive things

I believe that like attracts like. Many people believe in the law of attraction. If you think that good things are going to come in your life, then nothing can stop it from coming towards you.

However, if you keep on feeling unfulfilled with your life and stay in the same trap, then you will never be able to pick yourself up and be happy in your life. A person who always has negative thoughts can never feel fulfilled with his life. Thinking about negative will lead you towards negative.

3. Feel thankful for the things you have

When you are at a low point in your life; feeling gratitude for the things that you have is the key to feeling fulfilled with your life. It is in the nature of human beings to always look at people who are in a better condition than them during their time of hardships, which often leads them to feel unsatisfied.

The ideal thing to do in your time of hardships is to look at people who are below you, who don’t even get the chance to enjoy the necessities of life. Try to feel thankful for everything that you have. What you have right now is a big blessing for you. We often think about the big things in life as blessings and forget about the small things that bring happiness in your life.

Don’t only have an abstract thought about the good things in your life, instead write all these good things in your life on a piece of paper; trust me you will feel fulfilled with your life after doing this.

4. Help others and contribute

Helping out others always makes us feel content and happy. Knowing that you helped someone in something that they were not able to do on their own will make you feel so fulfilled with yourself.

The help doesn’t necessarily have to be about giving money to someone, you can simply spend time with someone or go out and help in an animal shelter or volunteer at an old house to feel fulfilled with your life. After all, “True fulfilment comes from helping others.”

5. Forgive others for their mistakes

A lot of times, people feel unfulfilled with their life due to bad past relationships. Instead of spending all your mental and emotional energy on feeling hatred for someone and feeling like a victim, you should try to forgive people for their mistakes.

Making mistakes and hurting others is in human nature, it doesn’t make it okay though, but being a human, you should put yourself in their shoes and try to understand why they did what they did, and life will be a lot more clear to you. Don’t waste all your energy feeling bad for yourself. Forgive that person with your heart and focus on all the good things that happened in that certain relationship.