Reasons why we should “Go the Extra Mile”

“Success begins at the extra mile.”

― Yuikan Shirik

Majority of us are just barely living. We put in the bare minimum in all of our goals, projects, relationships, and in all the other aspects of life. That is because we are content with barely making it and too lazy to dream of something better. The “at least we made it” mindset is hindering us from achieving our biggest goals and from realizing our true potential. That is not the way to live a fulfilling life.

Soon enough, your life will lose its spark if it already has not, and you will start questioning your purpose which can lead to far worse thoughts. That is why we should set goals for ourselves and give them our all. Given below are the reasons as to why we should ‘go the extra mile’.

1. Success in all spheres of life

Everyone goes through good and bad times but, when you are barely making it, the chances of attracting the bad times are more probable. By going that extra mile, you can avoid that and succeed in the end. Putting a little bit of extra effort in your relationships, school, or work projects can benefit you a lot in the longer run.

For instance, if you work hard throughout the semester and get good grades, you might want to feel like passing out at the end. You may have the mindset that you already have an ‘A’ in this class so it’s okay if you relax a bit now. However, if you choose to go that extra mile, there is a high chance that you will score an A+ instead of worrying about getting an A- or B+ because each grade considerably affects your CGPA.

“Everybody is standing, but you must stand out. Everybody is breaking grounds, but you must breakthrough! Everybody scratching it, but you must scratch it hard! Everybody is going, but you must keep going extra miles! Dare to be exceptionally excellent and why not?”

― Israelmore Ayivor

2. Develop new skills

By working a bit harder than usual, you can develop many new skills along the road, such as, discipline, time management, or any skill that you were working hard to develop. Sure, you can learn to decently play guitar but, you can’t gain mastery over it unless you make sacrifices and go the extra mile.

3. You will stand out

There are a lot of talented people in the world and there are also a lot of people who work hard in the world as well. However, talent can be defeated through hard work but, what beats hard work? The answer is people who go the extra mile.

For instance, there are plenty of famous and rich YouTubers but, why does Logan Paul stand out? No, not because of his controversies. It is because he goes that extra mile and is known for his unrelenting work ethic. So, if you want to work hard; go that extra mile.

4. Go big or go home

Putting your all in and giving something your all is the only way to do something. This does not mean that you should put all your eggs in one basket. Rather it means to avoid partaking in something halfheartedly.

So, when you start a project, give it your all. By that it means to give up on mindless browsing the interest, going to pointless parties, or watching movies all the time. Just dedicate your time, mental power and energy to the project. Give it your all or let it go.

5. Be an inspiration

People are very observant so, don’t think that you are not being noticed. By going that extra mile, you are not only achieving success but, you will also inspire others during that journey. Stay focused to your work and your journey. Do not worry about inspiring others.

Keep your head down and work without expecting any praise from others. Your reward will be your success and that will naturally inspire others. There is no better purpose in life than to motivate others to live a better life.

6. Get rid of procrastination

By working extra hard and truly focusing on your goal, you will be able to get rid of procrastination which is in all honesty, the best thing that you could do for yourself. Procrastination is the devil which delays your success and robs you off from your motivation.

When you have made up your mind to go the extra mile, you will naturally become more focused in your task, and the habit of procrastinating will leave you eventually. It will take time, but practice makes it better. Whenever you find yourself procrastinating, stop right there and then and get back to your work.

Going the extra mile will provide you with a lot of unseen benefits which will be stripped away from you if you decide otherwise. So, stay awake till late for a couple of days, let go of those meaningless parties, and sacrifice on some luxuries of life to achieve great success in the end.