Stop Comparing Yourself With Others (Compete with Yourself)

Do you compare yourself with others?

Stop comparing yourself, When you compare yourself with what others have, or how they are, you are making yourself feel dissatisfied.

When you start comparing, you subconsciously start to believe that they are better than you, and you are inferior to them.

You are depriving yourself of all the great things you already have and cursing yourself over that one thing that you don’t.

Comparisons take your happiness away and leave you with dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, and whatnot.

There’s a common motto among hikers, which is Hike your own hike. They use this to focus on their path instead of looking at others’ trails. Others might be able to reach the peak before you, but in the end, you will also reach there.

See, it’s just about the difference in timing.

As Famously said, Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20. We all should learn to embrace the journey.

You are at the beginning of something great; do not let someone else success discourage you.

Mostly, We Compare Ourselves With What We See, Social media is a stage to flaunt our so-called “luxuries,” We compare our situation with others’ positive sides without actually knowing the hardship behind it.

Don’t let the Internet Rush you. No one is posting their failures.

We are making the wrong comparisons most of the time; we compare the skills in which we are not good at and start believing that we are not good at anything.

In reality, we may have some skills which we excel at. But, we get too involved in the race to become better than them, that we overlook our skills.

What you need to do is, explore yourself and find out that skill which you are good at and become better.

A fish cannot Fly, A bird cannot Swim. But they both are best at their skill.

When you compare yourself with others, you subconsciously set your goals on par with them.

But, Here you are making a big mistake!

Maybe! You can Become much better than them, or perhaps you have capabilities to achieve bigger goals than them.

Discovering the motivation and gaining from others is insightful. You should always take suggestions from experienced, not to compare with what they have, but to make yourself better.

Successful people always compete with their own goals, while failure competes with others’ success.

Remember this! “There’s no comparison between Sun and Moon; they shine when it’s their time.”