How you can give back to society?

No person is an island. We are all part of our communities and societies that contribute to who we are and what we can achieve. Once we become independent and autonomous, for instance, once we start working, it becomes essential for us to give back our time, money, and effort. But why should we do this?

It will make you happier

First, giving back will definitely make you happier and even healthier, according to existing research. Doing good makes us feel good, and it’s the most reliable path to a happier life.

It doesn’t take much to have a significant impact

Helping others in even small ways can have great effects on their lives and society. Small efforts can become big waves of change that ripple back to us.

It will keep you grounded

It’s easy to forget where we came from or the hardships we faced. By helping others, we can stay grounded and always appreciate what we have and what we have accomplished.

It will make your life richer

Giving back can bring meaning to your life and can enhance its ways you might not recognize now. It is something that gives your life a whole new dimension. Giving back can help you recognize new aspects of yourself and find yourself capable of new things. It pushes you to grow and become better, expanding your own identity as a good person.

So, How can you help society?


Volunteering for a cause or a charity that you believe in can be significant. You see the impact of your work and can feel directly involved with your community. Additionally, it is a way of developing and honing many new skills, like public speaking. Volunteering boosts your confidence and self-efficacy.

Donate things

Our homes are full of stuff we don’t need and won’t ever use. Try decluttering and giving all the things in good condition to others. Donating even a small object can be a way of contributing and changing someone else’s life.

Do random acts of kindness

A challenge is to think of new ways of being kind to those around you every day. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you, pick up some litter, carry a bag for an older adult. Random acts of kindness will make you happier and positively influence the community around you.

Commit to a regular contribution

A way you can have a more significant impact is by committing to a regular donation or volunteering service. Giving $10 each month might not be a hardship for you, but it can make a bigger impact on the world. If you find a cause that you are truly passionate about, you might become a regular contributor.

Offer your services

You surely have great skills and knowledge. Think if there is a way of using them for others’ benefit. A doctor might see a couple of patients for free or give a talk at a local community center. What could you do with your skillset? Are there others you can teach or help directly? Is there something you are uniquely positioned to do? Any person can find a way to use their skills to help others directly.

Make a donation

Money might be a less direct way of helping, but it is quite essential either way. Donate to a charity that provides important relief, and that aligns with your values.

Get involved in your community

Find out about events and situations going on where you are. Are there any initiatives for making your community better? Can you clean up an area or help a neighbor? Becoming involved with your community can be a wonderful way of giving back.

Giving back can help you become happier and healthier. It can provide your life with more meaning and make you grow in unexpected ways. It is a way of being a better person and living your values every day.

No matter who you are, being an altruist, and helping others will enhance your life and create new opportunities for connection, self-efficacy, and confidence. People who volunteer or help others feel more in control of their lives. They feel that they are making a difference, and that is something that any individual can appreciate.