The More Rejection, The Better

Rejection hurts. We can choose to avoid things and situations if there is even a slight risk of rejection. But if we could change our perception, we could take a lot more risks and allow ourselves to see it as a positive, if we experience unpleasant situation.

Change your perspective on rejection. Accept it as a necessary part of life.

Rejection can be used as a measure of progress. The more you get rejected, the closer you are to that one situation where you will receive a yes. Each is a step in the right direction.

Millions of people let rejection or even the fear of rejection bring them down. They don’t try. They don’t risk it. They allow a single ‘NO’ to dictate the course of their lives.

Embracing rejection can make you resilient. You will be able to get up and try again, no matter what happens.

How else can you change your perspective? You can see it as a measure of progress. You can view it as a path towards growth and development. You can also recognize the bigger picture.

We tend to take things personally. We feel that a rejection means that we are bad, that we are not worthy. But in the bigger picture, there can be dozens of reasons for why we were told no that have nothing to do with how good we are. Not everything is personal – look at the bigger picture.

A rejection can provide us an opportunity to grow. The best thing we can get when we are rejected is feedback on why. Even if we can’t always receive it, we might still find ways to use the situation as a push towards improvement. Just decide to do better next time.

Rejection can hurt, but sometimes it’s for the best. It’s not always great to get an opportunity before we are ready. You can look at a rejection from the perspective that everything happens for a reason. Perhaps it was not yet time. But if you keep trying, you will receive other opportunities.

Rejection can serve as a path forward. It can be a way of growing and of learning to deal with not always being the best. This has a lot of value.

If you can get in the mindset of rejection equals good, you will have an incredible advantage, no matter what you choose to do. Remind yourself of a positive way to frame it whenever you try.

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