What can we learn from Nature?

“The sun doesn’t shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy”

Nature is so kind, selfless and doesn’t expect anything in return. It is the purest form of anything that we know. There are always few words to describe its beauty. But apart from its beauty, there are many values that one can observe in nature and learn from it.

Though there are innumerable things one can learn from nature by simply observing it, living in it, and feeling it, but here is only a segment of it :


Since the man has evolved himself mentally, and physically, he has left no stone unturned to create classes, be it socially, financially, in terms of power and even gender. Even in this advanced 21st century, we can see discrimination in various parts of the world, but equality is one of the most observable trait nature teaches us.

So, we should also learn to see this world with equality in our eyes. “The sun shines on everyone; it doesn’t make choices.”


Nature is the best example of selfless service. It gives us the air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and land to grow without expecting anything in return.

Similarly, we should also be selfless in our life. Most of the reason of people being unsatisfied is because of their expectations. Expectation from life, people, friends and family.

We always do things for reward and not even think of doing a job which gives nothing in return. Rather, we should do our role without thinking much of the return. We should do a good deed for others, just to make them happy, do some selfless service for those in need.

“Give to the world the best you have. And the best will come back to you.”


Nature has set a fixed time for all the things, and they all nurture themselves in that time only, with that pace. Nothing is rushed or is done before or after that.

But if we look all around us, then it is quite evident that we all are in a state of hurry all the time. We want everything to be done early and loses our patience. We should try to understand that a lot of mistakes can be avoided by simply being patient.

“Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished”


Change is a part of nature, everything doesn’t stay forever and that’s the rule of nature. Leaves grow and then finally fall as pale leaves. Fruits grow as a flower, nurture on the branch and then finally fall on the ground as a ripped fruit.

All living creatures are born, grow and die. Change is the only constant, so we should also gracefully accept changes in our life be it socially, at workplace, financially or even our thoughts.

Also, not everything should be taken for granted as all the things are temporary and one day they all will vanish. What’s more important here is that we should love, what we have, accept it gracefully, be thankful for it and enjoy it without any insecurities.

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