What is it that we all are running after?

Why do you keep going? Why do you get out of bed in the mornings? We all have our motivation, that one thing that is so important it sustains us, but often we might lose sight of it.

Consider what is your true motivation. Are you doing it for the success, for your family, for fame, etc.? It doesn’t really matter if your motivation is the “right” one from a social point of view, but rather if it is meaningful. What is your ultimate driving force in life?

Once you have your answer, consider whether your daily life, the things you do most frequently, is aligned with this motivation. If you are doing it all for your family but barely seeing them, is it actually worth it? If you do it to make an impact on the world, but do a job that doesn’t give you time to pursue the causes that matter, is it worth it?

We often let our routines absorb us and live life in a hurry, running from one errand to the next. These errands are rarely as important as they seem but they absorb us and take over our lives.

We can recognize what truly matters to us, our family or our health or our passion, and yet we keep rushing away from them to take care of the things that matter a lot less. If you are always in a hurry, consider what you are running from. Maybe you are avoiding the things that truly matter, those that you consider central to your life.

Our lives cannot be fully dedicated to a single cause or value. But if we know what drives us, we should strive to make our daily lives align with this as much as we can. If you care about family, make time for them every day. If you care about your passion, take time to pursue it and improve.

It’s worth running after things that matter rather than away from them. Ask yourself what you are pursuing and whether you are after something that is truly important.

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