Are you thinking too much about “Just in case”?

Overthinking is a big problem. We tend to worry and wonder about future situations, spending days, sometimes more anxious about what might be, what could happen, all the negative possibilities and outcomes.

We tend to exaggerate the situation in different ways. We might feel it has more importance than it does or anticipate too many problems. We might worry for days about something that will take hours or less, about a single action or a single situation that will be over before we know it.

This makes us perceive the upcoming situation as something big. We begin to fear it, dread it, and build it up until it resembles a monster that we are unlikely to win against.

And then, the time comes. The situation is very likely to prove much easier to deal with than we anticipated. It’s over quick, and it is rarely as laborious as we imagined. But at this point, we have already worried so much that the situation has taken a toll on us.

Then, we repeat it all over again with the next situation that makes us anxious.

However, you don’t have to do this. You can allow yourself not to worry or overthink. Let go of these fears until the situation comes.

Focus on the present instead. Focus on what you are living. You will do the same for anything as it becomes the present, but not until it starts happening.

This doesn’t mean you should not prepare or care about what will happen. But don’t give it too much space in your life or in your thoughts. Focus on everything as it is occurring and as needed.

Even if you don’t worry or overthink, you can still face situations with the right attitude and mindset. It’s just a way to save yourself a lot of energy and suffering.

Overthinking might seem smart, but in reality it leads to problems and a lot of distress. Allow yourself to let go of this habit. Stay grounded in the present and give yourself the chance to focus on things as they are happening or as you need to engage with them. You are sure to enjoy your life a lot more in this way.

“Overthinking is just a painful reminder that you care entirely too much, even when you shouldn’t.”

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