Do you feel like you are always working?

There are a lot of advantages to the modern world, but the inability to leave work at work instead of bringing it home is not one of them. Do you feel like you are always working, always on the clock? Well, you are not the only one.

We often feel stressed because we are constantly engaged with our work. We keep our tasks in our minds and can’t let them go.

We might worry about them before sleeping or throughout our leisure. Our phones are always on to remind us of work or to put through a message or a call.

So, what can we do about it?

You can write down whatever needs to be done and sort it by priority. Don’t keep it all in your head – it clutters your mind and makes it harder to focus. When it’s written down, it’s easier to keep track and you feel more relaxed.

You can cut down on multitasking. Try to focus on a single thing whenever you can.

Multitasking can be useful and, often, unavoidable, but it also gives us the feeling that we are never doing enough, that there are always more tasks to be added. Try to stick to a single thing at a time as much as you can.

Allow yourself to work without distractions and to focus on your leisure time. Don’t put on movies or shows while you work, as it distracts from your productivity and undermines your enjoyment. Give yourself the chance to do things on their own.

Put away your phone or turn off notifications. Don’t stay glued to it, as it is another endless source of distractions and tasks to be completed. Use it as a tool, but don’t let it take over every aspect of your life.

You might have a lot of tasks, but you can control how you do them. Fewer distractions and taking things one at a time can help you feel less stressed. Set clear boundaries between your work life and your leisure, don’t let one pollute the other.

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