Who are you? What do you want to become?

One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is who we are. The answer to it might not be the same throughout our lives, so it’s worth asking this time and again.

Who are you? How do you see yourself?

You might answer in a way that is not ideal. Perhaps you see yourself in a negative way. Maybe you label yourself as a “loser” or as a “failure” or with many other negative judgments. Perhaps others do that for you and you accept the labels they give you.

If this is the way you see yourself, it might be time for a change. You don’t have to accept negative labels because they do not reflect the truth and complexity of who you are. You are capable of more, and you are so much more already.

Don’t allow anyone, including yourself, to put labels on you, because they are restrictive and unhelpful. You don’t have to limit yourself to fit a label because you can do great things.

Anyone is capable of achieving big things when they allow themselves to see this. So ask yourself what you want to become.
What does your ideal self look like? What can you achieve if you give yourself permission to try?

You might not be entirely satisfied with who you are right now. That’s OK. You can always change and make decisions that will help you shape a different self that is aligned with what you most want and who you want to become.

Let that question guide you: who do you want to become? How does it fit the person you are now? What do you need to change? Which choices will bring you closer to or further away from this idea of your new self?

We have the power to change who we are. We just need to make the decision. Learn more about yourself, and you will be surprised by how far you can go and the great things you can accomplish. Who you are now is just the starting point for a life-long journey.

“Decide who you want to be and you’ll know what to do.”

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