Why is suffering important in life?

Don’t feel entitled to anything you didn’t sweat and struggle for.

Few people will choose to suffer if they can avoid it. After all, happiness is viewed as the opposite of suffering, so we seek it as far away from this experience as possible. But this might not always be the best strategy.

We look for happiness in things related to pleasure and acquisitions. We think that buying a new place, car, or branded clothes, changing our appearance to look better, or getting something new is the way to become happier.

However, real happiness does not come from getting something, from acquiring a new object or status. It comes from doing something.

We become happy when we achieve, when we challenge ourselves and push ourselves to accomplish something new and better. Real happiness derives from a success that we went after and struggled for rather than a thing that just happened to us.

It’s important for us to pursue our goals and overcome obstacles to reach them. Often, this might cause us some degree of suffering, of stress, and worry. But in the end, it becomes completely worth it.

When we are able to suffer and struggle for the thing we truly want and then achieve it, it can bring us the happiness that we want, a happiness that is not reliant on external factors but only on our own commitment and work.

Suffering that comes from struggles might not be enjoyable, but it can help us transcend and discover new aspects of ourselves, who we are and what we can achieve. It can help us grow as individuals and overcome the obstacles we face.

Of course, suffering for the sake of suffering is unlikely to lead to good results on its own. But a worthy cause will likely involve some amount of struggle and work that can be incredibly satisfying.

Suffering can be unpleasant, and yet it also brings unexpected value to our lives. You might discover new aspects of yourself and reach true, lasting happiness if you allow yourself to get uncomfortable and work for what truly matters.

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