Why we must keep Our Inner Child Alive?

Very few people make a life-changing decision after 50. By that time, people are so set in their ways that change is just about impossible. Having a childlike faith is a huge advantage because then we will find it easier to believe in the impossible and the unseen things.

Also, being excited and curious, just like a child, will keep you energetic and motivated to learn more. We have listed down some important factors which will inspire you to have your inner child alive.

Learn to live in the moment

Many people are so much occupied by things in the past and, they are always wondering how things would’ve turned out if they had made a different decision. However, by keeping your inner child alive and by focusing only on what is important now is a much more effective way to live your life.

Other people are constantly thinking about what’s ahead in the future, and they are so curious to know the future that they forget to be present in what’s happening now. It is much better to remain childlike in your approach and to live only in the moment.

Ready to learn new things

People who are constantly curious and have a deep desire to understand more and more about things are the ones who achieve their goal. Those who persistently ask questions are the ones who are most likely to discover the answer to that question eventually.

Those who have small children will know how a curious child keeps on asking questions after question. They are like sponges who are constantly soaking up knowledge and learning something new every day. Self-improvement is more effective when there is a deep desire to learn new things continually.

Taking risks

A young child is more likely to take risks at the moment simply because they do not know any better. Taking risks as an adult is the perfect way to grow and eventually succeed in life.

Ironically, many people study for years to acquire knowledge about a particular subject or topic, and then that knowledge becomes the stumbling block that keeps them back from incredible opportunities. They no longer have the ability to act impulsively because everything has to be verified according to an established scientific principle and by the time that process has been completed, the opportunity has passed.

Never quit

When little things happen that throw a child off his rhythm, he may take a short timeout, but soon he will get busy with something else.

You keep your inner child alive when just like a little child, you refuse to quit, and you never allow anything to hold you down, but rather you are resilient, and you always bounced back. This is the only way to live an abundant life and accomplish everything you have ever dreamt of.

Childhood creativity

Children are naturally creative, and most of the time, they will find something to occupy themselves with, and it is amazing how little adult supervision they need. And mostly they will get through the day without any serious consequences.

If you want to keep your inner child alive, you need to regain that childhood creativity, and to do that, you may need to be more observant.

So quick to forgive

If a child gets injured accidentally by someone, they may be angry initially, and they may be a lot of tears. Still, in an incredibly short time, the incident is forgotten, and a child will put it behind them and move on seemingly without any recollection of the event. Holding onto grudges only comes later, and therefore if you want to keep your inner child alive, you need to be quick to forgive.

Someone once said that unforgiveness is the same as drinking poison and hoping that the other person will die. The reality is that failure to forgive only harms the person in whom it resides; in most cases, the object of that unforgiveness is not even aware or refuses to accept that any problem exists.

Good old childhood fun

Children can enjoy even the simplest activities extraordinarily. Ironically, some of the things they most fondly remember are those which were freely available and a natural ingredient of the childhood environment.

Therefore, if you want to keep your inner child alive, you need to rediscover how much fun life can be and that the things that are of real value and cannot be purchased with money. They are the freely available things, and because of that, they are the things that are most often overlooked or taken for granted.