Why You Must Save At Least 20% Of Your Income

Do you want to know why save at least 20% is essential? Do you know how much to save monthly to have a happy month? It’s vital to understand why it is necessary to aside a portion of your income everything.

Review Of 50/30/20 Rule— For What You Need To Save At least 20%?

It’s a useful and minimalist-style budgeting tool. It helps you determine how much proportion of your income you should save for your home. It also helps in determining how much you need to keep for your expenses and other daily needs.

This rule works well; it states you should spend 50% of income on essential expenses, like food, tuition fee, and utilities. However, 30% should be directed for fun stuff, and 20% should go to your piggy bank. This 20% proportion will be for emergencies and retirement period.

Is 20% Right Amount To Save?

You must be curious is 20% right amount to save, even if you are just starting to make end meets? Well, not necessarily. It’s not a magic number; you can start with a small proportion. The thing is, you need to take start from somewhere, no matter if this is 20% or 5%.

Your goal should be to reach 20% by hook or by crook without affecting other sectors of your daily life. We know it can be impossible, especially when your job conditions are not stable. At that time, one left with no option but to spend all of his money to meet daily needs.

But you need to keep faith in yourself and try to push yourself to get out of those crises and hit back to start savings.

‘Save at least 20% is just a rule of thumb.’

Does This 20% Saving Rule Work?

Well, yes, it works and most probably helps you in the long run. Even the financial experts praise its simplicity. So to start saving today, you need to count this 20% saving rule of your monthly income. But for that, you need to be consistent with savings.

The benefit of this saving is you would be able to live a comfortable retirement period. But as we have mentioned above, if your financial situation is not right, then you cannot depend on this rule.

What Are The Benefits of 50/30/20 rule or 20% Saving Rule?

• It’s Simple!

It works well and simple. Instead of focusing on every single category, you focus on only three parts. Yes, when you divide your income into three sections, it becomes easy to spend it. Like, you specify a particular portion— 20% of your income for saving, while 30% for fun and 50% for necessary expenditures.

• You Get Money For Fun:

When you work to meet your financial goals, it’s sometimes become easy to fall into ‘all or nothing’ mindset. But when you know you have to save at least 20% of your income and 30% on fun stuff, it makes your life easy. This rule has a built-in budget for fun money too. You can use that portion of money for shopping, for movies or anything you enjoy the most.

• Helpful In Your Rainy Days:

Emergencies can knock your door anytime; it’s wise to be prepared to cope with them well before time. With this saving rule, you could save a lot for your rainy days. So try to save some funds from today!


So summing up the above information, one thing is for sure it never minds what % of your income you specify for your savings.

The thing which matters is you are heading toward savings, and that’s all. Yes, you can try to push yourself to reach that rule of thumb of 20% savings to enjoy your budgeting without putting yourself on starvation and wishes.