Why you should Seek what you Love

Why you should Seek what you love

Saying that you need to seek what you love is a bit of a cliche, but just because it’s a cliche doesn’t mean it’s not true. We thrive when we get the opportunity to do something we enjoy. We are at our most creative when we are passionate, engaged, and motivated. So, yes, you should seek what you love. But how to do it?

Examine what you are doing now

The first step is to consider the things you do now. What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies and leisure activities? Where do you spend your time and your efforts? Then, consider whether you truly love the things you do. 

How meaningful are they? Ask yourself also whether you can see yourself doing these same things in five or ten years. Could you spend your life doing this and feel good about it? For many, the answer will be no.

Look at what inspires you to do your best

If you find that your work does not inspire you, it’s time to look for things that do. Sometimes, it can be hard to find it, but there will always be something that makes you feel happy, satisfied, engaged, and committed. 

When do you feel most motivated? What kind of activity can you do without getting tired or sick of it? When in your life, have you felt like you did something meaningful? All these are important questions to find what you love. 

Sometimes, the answer might be very general, like helping others, or very specific, like working with plants, but this answer will provide you an idea of where to look.

Look for what makes you happy, not just what you’re good at

A common mistake is to focus on the things that you can do. Of course, it’s important to find something that aligns with your talents, but a person can be good at a lot of things that don’t bring them happiness. 

For example, someone with a knack for numbers might dislike accounting. There is no reason for them to become accountants, even if it’s a job they could, in theory, succeed at. Instead, focus on the things that make you feel happiness and satisfaction.

Examine the options

There are more options out there than you think. If you find that your dream is related to the movies, there are hundreds of careers, hobbies, and opportunities to pursue it. You might not be able to become a Hollywood star, but you could make home movies, shoot YouTube videos, become a production assistant, and so on. 

Often, we get stuck on a single viewpoint. For instance, if someone likes animals, they might feel the need to become a veterinarian, but perhaps having a grooming service would serve them equally well. Do your research and identify options that could bring you closer to your dream.

Bring what you love into your life today

It’s not always easy to turn our lives around. But the things we love must be present in our day-to-day routine. Even if you feel you can’t seek out what you love full-time, try to bring it into your life as a hobby, as an experience, or however, you can. 

If you love animals, volunteer for animal rescue, or support shelters. If you love dancing, dancing with YouTube videos for five minutes is better than no dancing at all. Get a taste for the things you love and make them part of your everyday life.

It’s never too late

Often, when we discover something we love, we feel that we are too late. However, this is a self-imposed limitation. We can be creative at any age. We can learn new skills at any age. We can change the way we live even when we are older. 

Saying this means that we will never give ourselves the chance to enjoy something we love and feel passionate about, so it’s time to give this belief up. Sure, maybe it’s hard to become an astronaut as an adult, but that doesn’t mean that space, in one way or another, can’t be a part of your life. Just try it.