6 Things that break the momentum of your success journey

Success doesn’t happen overnight. You need to work for it and work continuously. Eventually, you will build up enough momentum to keep moving forward and reach new heights. However, there are a few things that will break this momentum and force you to start all over again.

1. Don’t push things to later If you can do it right now

Procrastination is an incredibly common issue, and we all face it from time to time. But making it a habit can be very dangerous. When we push things off until tomorrow, that means that our schedule for the next day needs to be modified. Things we procrastinate on push other things off for later and create a cycle of always having to catch up with whatever we didn’t do yesterday.

Try to find time to do things today, especially those that can be done quickly. When you have some spare time, consider what you can do and try to complete tasks ahead of schedule. It will free a lot of time for the next day and create a virtuous cycle, not a vicious one, allowing you to add more tasks for the next day.

2. Do not break your flow

When you start working, you can get in “the zone.” You will be focused and working well. Once we get this flow state, we can do our best, but to reach this state of flow, we need to give it time. Flow comes when we are able to dedicate uninterrupted time to the work we are doing and when we allow ourselves to focus fully on one thing, without other worries to distract us.

When you break this flow, you lose a lot of productivity, especially as it takes time for us to get focused again on whatever we were doing. This means that you should try to schedule your work in sessions that give you the chance to focus. Try to take it one thing at a time and put your attention on a single objective. Avoid breaking your flow to get the best results.

3. Don’t sit for too long if it’s not getting results

On the other side of the flow state, we can feel a deep frustration when we are focused on a problem and no solution is presenting itself. It might seem logical to force ourselves to sit until we can find a solution, but actually, taking a break is a better idea. Our brains operate in two ways: diffuse and focused. When we allow it to shift between these two modes, we can solve problems more effectively and also be more creative.

Taking a break will help you become more productive and allow you to tackle issues better. Also, working without breaks will leave you more fatigued and reduce your productivity as a result. Take small breaks that don’t engage your brain too much – take a walk, do the dishes, play with your pet.

All these activities and more can help you suddenly see the problem from a different perspective, and it will often feel as if the answer just popped into your mind.

4. Start writing things down

You will remember a lot less than you expect. When you write things down, you guarantee that you will actually remember things.

It’s always a good idea, not just because it allows you to remember, but also because it helps you take new perspectives on the problems and goals you face. Writing things down frees your brain to focus on tasks other than remembering, so write down lists, goals, plans, and more.

5. Neglecting your health?

It can feel reasonable to pull an all-nighter or two to get work done, or to skip lunch to keep working. However, eventually, neglecting your physical and emotional health is likely to hit you hard.

Health is the foundation that allows us to build success, and when we undermine it for short-term goals, we are sabotaging our success journey. Prioritize your sleep and nutrition, your exercise and well-being, and it will help you become much more productive eventually.

6. Working alone?

Even solo projects can improve with feedback from other people. Don’t work alone or withdraw yourself from society, instead, seek communities of like-minded individuals who will offer you valuable insights and support.

Seek out networks of people who can help in unexpected ways, and success often comes thanks to the connections you make and all the different kinds of support you can receive.