Comparison is a Thief f Joy

An incredible quote by Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is a thief of joy,” tells he was ahead of time.

Most of the mental health issues that exist in society are because of comparison. People see others’ lives on social media and start comparing themselves with theirs. What they don’t realize is people are sharing what they want you to see, only sharing their luxuries and not the hardships.

How Is Comparison A Thief Of Joy?

Comparison is the thief of joy; meaning is you are comparing yourself to others, which are taking your happiness away. You are depriving yourself of all the great things you have and cursing yourself over that one thing you don’t have.

Yes, it is true! Comparison is a thief of joy. When we compare ourselves with what others have, or basically how they are, we are making ourselves feel downright insufficient and emptied – with low self-confidence to match.

Trap Of Social Media- We Compare Ourselves With What We See

Social media is a stage to flaunt our so-called “luxuries,” combined with high expectations to earn big money and have a certain lifestyle. We end up being in this trap and start comparing ourselves with others. This is what comparison is the thief of joy meaning is.

Comparison is a thief of joy because you self-compare with others when you know all the hardships in your way but just the positive information about others. So don’t hold yourself up to some ambiguous outside standards of success. Judge your work by your standards.

Don’t let comparison steal your happiness- A simple approach

We can understand why the comparison is a thief of joy with a simple phenomenon. Hike your own hike is a basic concept among explorers and travelers. They use this theory to focus on their goals and don’t care about others. He might be able to reach the peak before you, but in the end, you will also reach there. See, it’s just about the difference in timing.

This should help you understand comparison is the thief of joy, meaning.

How To Overcome This Issue?

However, it is easy to write it down, but what about the solution? Is there any way we can steal back our happiness? Yes, surely, if you adopt these simple habits.

Be grateful for everything you are having in your life and small things that occur in your life. Be it the daily morning coffee or the dinner that you have with your loved ones. There is always something to be grateful for. Endorse their occurrence; that way, you always remember you’re good fortune… And after some time, it will be your second nature!

• Another way is self-empathy, take a breath, and exchange a comparison for empathy. Make a move to change the focal point of your attention. You can be kind, helpful, and a giving person in your very own unique way. Nobody has a unique voice.

• So whenever you end up doing self-comparison with others, get outside, change your environment, and how about a jog.

• Self-comparison with others is silly. Discovering the motivation and gaining from others is insightful. Learn from successful people who are close by to you because you know their realities, rather than following someone whose success factors are not crystal clear to you.

Comparison is the thief of joy only if you let it happen.

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