How to make your personality irresistible

There are a lot of advantages to having an attractive personality. No matter how you look or where you are, showing off your best traits and using them to build strong relationships is sure to help you succeed in your life, personally and professionally. But often we don’t know how to make our personality more appealing or how to express the positive traits we already have.

Don’t stay silent

The first step is to communicate. If we just sit silently, we will not draw other people’s attention. We need to be able to share our opinions and ideas, to make jokes or to interact in other ways.

In particular, you should share your opinion. It can be intimidating but being honest and open earns a lot of points with other people, especially if it is combined with a good sense of tact. You won’t be able to share your personality unless you are willing to talk.

Lighten up

A sense of humor is an irresistible quality. People love those who can be fun and take their own achievements and selves with a sense of levity. Being too serious about yourself and your mistakes can make you come off as less sociable, so it’s a good idea to cultivate a sense of humor.

A good tip here is to focus your humor on yourself and be more careful when making jokes about sensitive topics. It’s not about joking around all the time, but rather it’s about being relaxed.

Be relatable

Being relatable can make you a lot more likeable. It involves bringing the conversation to topics you share with other people. You can build familiarity and seek to connect with others through the aspects that you have in common.

This is not to say you should not showcase your individuality, but even here, it is useful to consider how you can help others connect with your experience. Don’t be afraid to share the things that were difficult or your struggles, as everyone can relate to them. Sharing things that you have done and that you experience that are also likely to be experienced by others is a great way of building relatability.

Show your strengths

We are often taught that we need to be humble and avoid bragging. While this is good advice, it also can be taken too far. It doesn’t mean that you need to be boastful or arrogant, but you should also feel free to share your strengths and, especially, use them to help other people.

We can admire people who have skills and strengths, we enjoy seeing other people’s talents and abilities. What we don’t like is being made to feel less for not having the same. You can show your strengths without boasting about them and also offering other people support and help with the things you can do well.

Show compassion

A big element that makes us attractive to other people is how we treat them. You can’t be charming without being pleasant to others, because otherwise that charm wears off quickly. Compassion and empathy are attractive qualities, because we feel understood and supported by those who show these skills and we feel more drawn to their presence.

This can be expressed in being a good listener and avoiding harsh judgments about other people. Don’t talk badly about others and show that you can be kind even when it doesn’t benefit you directly, that is, speak nicely about other people. It’s not about being a hypocrite other – try to be genuine with the things you say. Just avoid being negative and judgmental in how you interact with others.

Be yourself

There is no advice as widely touted as be yourself. But even if it is a cliche, it doesn’t mean that this doesn’t have a point. You can’t help but be yourself either way, so you might as well embrace it. Try to show who you truly are: express yourself with honesty and without trying to pretend you are someone you’re not. This will make others perceive you as fake. But if you show who you are, others will want to get to know you.

Will everyone like you and find your personality cool? Not really. But being authentic helps you find the best people for you, those who will appreciate you as you are.