Why do you always feel tired, even if you are not doing much physically?

One of the experiences that are common for adults today is being tired. Most people complain a lot about feeling tired and fatigued even when they don’t do a lot of physical work or after resting. Here are some of the most common reasons why it happens.

Often, you feel tired because your mind is work endlessly, but not necessarily productively. One of the worst habits we have is running things time and again through our mind, without changing the outcome or having any new ideas. This is tiresome, because to our brains, it feels like a problem that cannot be solved, which adds to the frustration.

Another mentally and emotionally exhausting habit is overplanning. It’s a good idea to have some goal and course of action in mind as you are undertaking something new, but you also need to stop planning at some point.

Overplanning can run into ruminating – overthinking and trying to consider every possibility, which is not something our brains can really do. At one point, we need to stop thinking and start doing to avoid wearing ourselves out before we even begin.

Another exhausting habit is creating fake scenarios, that is, thinking constantly about situations that will never happen but that we can not let go. This can involve a detailed imagining of how everything goes badly and how our lives become completely messed up. Or they could feature elaborate fantasy scenarios about success that are completely unrealistic.

While a little daydreaming is healthy, sometimes these scenarios are constantly running through our minds and draw our attention and energy away from other matters.

We can also wear our minds out emotionally by going back to the past or jumping into the future. Of course, at points we will remember things and try to plan for the future, but we should try to focus on the present most of the time. It can tire us out to constantly take our minds away from what we are doing.

One of the biggest energy drains is multitasking. It can be very difficult to save our emotional and cognitive resources for what is important when we have dozens of things in mind.

It’s better to try and have one important task at each moment and allow ourselves to focus on that fully. This will help us enjoy the experience more and save our strength as well.