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Is your Tone Perceived as Rude by others?

Is your Tone Perceived as Rude (1)

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.- Paul J. Meyer Some people are naturally seen as more diplomatic or polite. But others might get scolded for being rude, even when they weren’t trying…

Are You Easily Manipulated?


When you’re surrounded by a world of constant lies, manipulation, and deceit, that dark energy is bound to seep into you eventually. – Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman Sometimes, we let ourselves be guided by other people, and that’s not always a good…

Things You Should Walk Away From

Things You Should Walk Away

Quitting is not something we’re taught to do. In fact, our parents might tell us not to give up and keep going. However, while this is true in a lot of situations, there are also some that require the exact…