Why you should Seek what you Love

Seek what you love

Why you should Seek what you love Saying that you need to seek what you love is a bit of a cliche, but just because it’s a cliche doesn’t mean it’s not true. We thrive when we get the opportunity…

Stop Wasting Time – Start NOW!

Stop Wasting Time

Time is running. Don’t waste it! You might have thought I’ll start a new project after a week’s break, I’ll start jogging from Monday, or a resolution to start dieting from next month. STOP! Stop Procrastinating things! Start with what…

Better late than never, START NOW

Start now

Many of us struggle with Ideal procrastination in our daily lives. Whether you are a student or someone who procrastinates other tasks in your life, it doesn’t take long before the things you should be doing will begin to add…

How to take Feedback at work Positively

Feedback at work Positively

It’s not easy to accept constructive criticism in the workplace without feeling negative about your performance or the person who has given you the feedback. When we feel threatened and work, it often causes us to feel targeted or even…

How Pride Can Ruin Your Relationship

Pride Can Ruin Your Relationship

There is a thin line between pride and ego. And when your pride comes between you and your relationships, that can affect your relationship negatively. Strong denial for admitting mistakes is usual, whereas giving credit to others is very unusual…