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Introspection is like a lantern — it might provide light, but it doesn’t guarantee seeing.

Knowing yourself better results in “stronger relationships, a clearer sense of purpose, and greater well-being, self-acceptance, and happiness.” These benefits can help you in almost every area of life. They’ll make you a better manager, employee, colleague, parent, spouse, and friend.

Things you should stop chasing in life


There are so many different worthwhile things in life. There are wonderful relationships, paths to self-actualization, fulfilling pursuits and hobbies. On the other hand, there are also plenty of things that seem useful and positive but actually make for bad…

What’s a Boomerang Effect?


A Boomerang’s defining characteristic is that it’s much like karma – what goes around, comes around, and a Boomerang always returns. The idea of a Boomerang effect is that sometimes putting too much effort might lead to an unexpected backlash.…

Find Your Inner Positive Voice


Your inner voice plays a pivotal role in shaping your life. But most of us find it challenging to move away from negativity and a negative inner voice. However, you can find your positive inner voice with the right mindset…