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Introspection is like a lantern — it might provide light, but it doesn’t guarantee seeing.

Knowing yourself better results in “stronger relationships, a clearer sense of purpose, and greater well-being, self-acceptance, and happiness.” These benefits can help you in almost every area of life. They’ll make you a better manager, employee, colleague, parent, spouse, and friend.

Stop being so Hard on Yourself

Stop being so Hard on Yourself
Often, people think they are not good enough for anything. Their failures make them feel bad about themselves, and they feel like they are not capable of doing anything, and everything doesn’t feel sufficient for them. Generally, such people are…

Ways to Overcome your Insecurities

Overcome insecurity
“One of the greatest journeys in life is overcoming insecurity and learning to truly not give a shit.” ― J. A. Konrath Everyone has some insecurities and that is completely normal hence, being insecure is okay until it gets to…

How to feel fulfilled with your life

feel fulfilled
Everyone faces ups and downs in their life. No person in this entire world has always had to face sunshine and rainbows and never had to deal with the obstacles that life throws at you. Life is a rollercoaster, sometimes…