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Live in the present moment

present moment
All you really have is today. The present moment is the only one that is real. Think about it. The past is gone. It cannot be changed. Worrying and regretting things will only lead you to further mistakes. It will…

Learn to make money work for you

Financial skills are essential for a better life. We need to understand how money works and what we can do to make it grow and work for us. Saving money is a good first step, but learning to use it…

Dreams and Actions

Do you have a dream? And, if you do, is the dream one of your own? Many times, we live a life that is based on other people. We follow our parents’ dreams of success. We follow our friends and…

How to Negotiate Anything Like a Pro

Have you ever felt intimidated when faced with the opportunity of negotiating with someone who is as seasoned as a pro salesperson when you are buying a house, cellular phone service, or buying a car? The word negotiation in itself…

Why Self Discovery is Important

Why Self Discovery is Important
“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” ― Lao Tzu The only relationship that is guaranteed to last a lifetime is the one you build with yourself. Just like in any relationship, you need to…

The Power of a Fresh Start

Fresh Start
Why do people enjoy making New Year’s resolutions? There is something very attractive about the idea of a new start. A blank page opens a world of possibilities. Should you try to start anew? Starting with a blank slate is…