7 Types of Rest you need


We all need rest. It is physically and emotionally impossible for us to be active and productive all the time. But while we might understand the importance of sleep for the body, there are other forms of rest that are…

Things you should stop chasing in life


There are so many different worthwhile things in life. There are wonderful relationships, paths to self-actualization, fulfilling pursuits and hobbies. On the other hand, there are also plenty of things that seem useful and positive but actually make for bad…

Signs You are not Lazy, You are Burned Out


Burnout is one of the biggest issues for many people who work a lot and who work hard. Burnout is a phenomenon that involves feeling excessively fatigued, unmotivated, distracted, and having more issues. The problem is associated with serious health…

Biological ways to make you feel better


There are many different ways we have to improve our moods. But some of them are based on our biology, which makes them more effective. Our brain operates through specific signals that are transmitted through neurochemicals – specific substances that…

What’s a Boomerang Effect?


A Boomerang’s defining characteristic is that it’s much like karma – what goes around, comes around, and a Boomerang always returns. The idea of a Boomerang effect is that sometimes putting too much effort might lead to an unexpected backlash.…

Find Your Inner Positive Voice


Your inner voice plays a pivotal role in shaping your life. But most of us find it challenging to move away from negativity and a negative inner voice. However, you can find your positive inner voice with the right mindset…