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Why Having Fun is Important in the Workplace

fun at workplace

Many people have found themselves in this same situation where we worked all year round for the paycheck and never bothered to focus on what’s just as important- having fun and deriving excitement from their efforts. Yes, there are bills…

Importance Of Questioning

Importance Of Questioning

“The Important Thing Is To Never Stop Questioning” – Albert Einstein We all strive to learn and learning is one thing that we should never stop. It all starts from our parents to school, college, workplace, and even society. But…

Importance of Inner Beauty

inner beauty

We live in a culture that is obsessed with beauty. Movies, shows, influencers, and other media constantly push the idea that we should look good and that we should look for beauty in our partners. But what is beauty? How…

Habits vs routine

Habits vs routine

Our days are often made up of habits that we repeat time and again. This saves time and can work in our favor, but there might come a point when we feel our lives are too monotonous. However, having strong…

Life is uncertain

Life is uncertain

Every day, we make plans for the future. We plan so many things that will happen and that we will do. Once we retire, once we lose weight, once we have a relationship, once we get promoted or once we…

How to reclaim your peace of mind

Peace of mind

Having peace of mind is priceless. It allows you to sleep better, cuts down on your stress, and provides you with the opportunity to focus your energy on what’s important. But sometimes it can be hard to reach this peace…