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Why is this Happening to Me?


Everyone goes through hardships sometimes. When we lose a relationship, when our work is at risk, when we get sick or feel terrible, what we ask ourselves is why is this happening to me. When something is going wrong, we…

How to Apply Agile to your Everyday Life


You might have heard the term agile thrown around before. It is a popular concept in software development and project management. It refers to a methodology that organizes the way in which teams work to deliver faster and better results,…

Push Yourself to New Experiences


A common idea that is clearly and unfortunately wrong is the idea that we will always have time to do things later. We put things off, expecting to come back to them eventually when there is time or when there…

Teachings of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa’s name has become synonymous with kindness, compassion, and good works. Canonized as a saint for her many years of service, Mother Teresa is among the most famous religious figures of the 20th century. But what can we learn…

6 Tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem

self esteem

Your self-esteem matters a lot. It impacts the amount of confidence you have in yourself and the risks you take. A healthy, high self-esteem will allow you to achieve more and take risks more freely, building up a better approach…