Learn to make money work for you


Financial skills are essential for a better life. We need to understand how money works and what we can do to make it grow and work for us. Saving money is a good first step, but learning to use it…

Dreams and Actions


Do you have a dream? And, if you do, is the dream one of your own? Many times, we live a life that is based on other people. We follow our parents’ dreams of success. We follow our friends and…

How to Negotiate Anything Like a Pro


Have you ever felt intimidated when faced with the opportunity of negotiating with someone who is as seasoned as a pro salesperson when you are buying a house, cellular phone service, or buying a car? The word negotiation in itself…

Why Self Discovery is Important

Why Self Discovery is Important

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” ― Lao Tzu The only relationship that is guaranteed to last a lifetime is the one you build with yourself. Just like in any relationship, you need to…

The Power of a Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Why do people enjoy making New Year’s resolutions? There is something very attractive about the idea of a new start. A blank page opens a world of possibilities. Should you try to start anew? Starting with a blank slate is…

Subtle signs someone likes you

Signs someone likes you

Unless and until you have superhuman powers, it is a herculean task to know what exactly the other person is thinking. And generally, we human beings have accepted that very fact. But if you are trying to answer that million-dollar…