How you can give back to society?

give back to society

No person is an island. We are all part of our communities and societies that contribute to who we are and what we can achieve. Once we become independent and autonomous, for instance, once we start working, it becomes essential…

Why you should Seek what you Love

Seek what you love

Why you should Seek what you love Saying that you need to seek what you love is a bit of a cliche, but just because it’s a cliche doesn’t mean it’s not true. We thrive when we get the opportunity…

Stop Wasting Time – Start NOW!

Stop Wasting Time

Time is running. Don’t waste it! You might have thought I’ll start a new project after a week’s break, I’ll start jogging from Monday, or a resolution to start dieting from next month. STOP! Stop Procrastinating things! Start with what…