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How to Sleep Faster (Do’s & Don’t)

How to Sleep Faster
Sleep is one of the most important factors for our health. While we sleep, our body completes many important processes like storing things in long term memory, healing the body, preparing our brains for a new day, and much more.…

11 Memorizing tricks to learn fast

How to learn fast
Our brain is wired for learning. That’s what we do since the moment we are born. However, as we get older, we often sabotage our learning process by using strategies that are not effective. Many people cram, pull all-nighters, or…

Stop Wasting Time – Start NOW!

Stop Wasting Time
Time is running. Don’t waste it! You might have thought I’ll start a new project after a week’s break, I’ll start jogging from Monday, or a resolution to start dieting from next month. STOP! Stop Procrastinating things! Start with what…

How to control anger

control anger
How do you deal with something that upsets you?Do you lose your calm and start yelling at others? OrDo you hurt others by saying mean things? Emotions play a significant role in our relationships. And like other emotions, anger is…